June 10, 2005

B2D 20050603 PureKDE Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "Distrowatch announced - This is a new release of the PureKDE edition of B2D Linux, a Taiwanese Knoppix-based live and installation CD with support for traditional Chinese. This release adds Unionfs support, which allows on-the-fly installation of software while running the distribution as a live CD; the klik software repository can now be used for installing extra applications. The xcin Chinese input method editor has been replaced with scim. Other improvements include better Chinese font handling, fixed server toolbox, changed default applications for opening certain file types, additions to context menus, newly included Beep Media Player and gThumb.

Kawsing of B2D Linux sent us at OSDir some nice screenshots of their 20050603 PureKDE release.


Link: shots.osdir.com


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