A baby named Linux


Author: Linux.com Staff

Reader Christian Nielsen wrote from Sweden to tell us he and his girlfriend have named their baby Linux, after the operating system, and attached this darling photo.

Nielsen says he and his girlfriend Veronica considered a few names during the pregnancy, “but when he finally arrived none of them seemed right. We both thought that he looked like a little Linux as soon as we saw him and decided to go for that name.”

You might wonder what the grandparents think of their choice, but Nielsen says it hasn’t been a problem. “The reaction from family and friends has been positive — they all like it. Our families think it’s a bit of an unusual name but still a nice one, and our friends like it because it sounds cool! Some have even asked if we are going to name our next child after Microsoft.”

This raises so many questions. Will Richard Stallman insist that the baby be called GNU/Linux? Does a baby named Linux go to sleep and wake up without problems? How often does he outgrow his footwear and require a reboot?

Regardless, here’s a picture of the little daemon, who was released on August 24. The parents request that if you have “any stuff with the name Linux on, like stickers, pens, and so on” that you can spare, please write to them.

Baby Linux


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