Bad Software Sales

Chuck Talk writes “Have you ever purchased a product because you had interest in the idea, only to find it has a fatal flaw? If you have ever purchased software especially gaming software, and had that experience, you understand the frustration of the proprietary shrink-wrap license.

Dont get me wrong I understand why a game developer wants a shrink-wrap license. After all, they spend months (or in some cases years) of development time to bring a game to market that have a tragically short shelf life, trying to capture the entertainment dollar of the enthusiast. What I disagree with though, is the practice of selling software that is so bug-ridden as to cause total system meltdowns.

It was my birthday this weekend, and so I thought I might enjoy a good game to blow off some steam. After all, even I like to relax every once in a while. The idea seemed like a good way to spend a quiet birthday weekend at home. It turned into a nightmare though, that I would rather not have spent my time engaged in.

As I run a dual-boot system on my base machine (so that I can easily play games) I was expecting some fun and enjoyment. I had purchased a game that only weeks before had been listed at the standard $49.00 price range (which seems to be the fixed price for most new games). The only thing was, the game was listed on sale at $19.99. I thought that was strange, but as it was a popular title that had rave reviews from the gaming magazines, I was eager to make the purchase at that price.”