March 19, 2004

Bagle Worm Variants Infect Windows PCs Automatically

"The rules of the game change with Bagels Q through T," iDefense director of malicious code Ken Dunham told TechNewsWorld. "They are getting more
complex and more sophisticated. Instead of spreading through e-mail attachments, they are now attempting to auto-execute on computers."

Dunham said the authors of the recent variants appear to have moved completely to the new auto-execute method for spreading their worms on the
Internet. He referred to the addition of a file-infection component in the latest variants and indicated that the regular addition of new code is

"We're only in the first alphabet," Dunham said. "They're going to come out with AA and BB next week and you just have to wonder what kind of
functions are going to be built in," Dunham said.



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