December 15, 2003

BakBone certifies data protection on several Linux distros

San Diego, Calif.-based BakBone Software, a global provider of data protection software, today announced the Linux Advantage initiative, a worldwide alliance comprised of the industry's leading Linux distributors. Working closely with Linux Advantage alliance founding members Red Hat, SuSE, Miracle Linux Co. (Japan), Red Flag (China), Conectiva (Latin America), and TurboLinux (Japan), BakBone now guarantees that NetVault, the company's product, is certified on each of the Alliance members' Linux distributions.

"Customers are looking to Linux as a platform for database and application needs -- and, increasingly, these are becoming more mission-critical," said Keith Rickard, president and CEO of BakBone. "One of the obstacles to Linux adoption in the enterprise data center is the concern about sacrificing data protection strategies for open systems. BakBone's support for the distributions of the Linux Advantage Alliance members will enable their Linux customers to aggressively accelerate their Linux adoption plans."

With this announcement, BakBone says it now supports more Linux-based database applications and versions than any other company in the industry, setting the stage for broadening its data protection guarantee to the Alliance's enterprise application partners.

Originally developed in the U.K. 12 years ago by AT&T Bell Labs, BakBone's data protection technology was subsequently developed in 1996 on Linux. As a native Linux application, NetVault enables customers to deploy Linux without the compromises associated with porting.


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