June 13, 2001

Banner ad hunts crackers

Author: JT Smith

Johannes Ullrich writes: DShield.org, the Distributed Intrusion Detection System, recently
published a special dynamic image in "Banner Ad" format. The banner
is dynamically generated and will turn bright red whenever a client
access it whose IP address is listed in DShield's database of attackers. The purpose of this banner is to find some of the over 250,000 attackers listed in DShield's database. Most of them are assumed to
be victims of Trojan horse software, which allows them to be abused
to attack others. DShield's data is compiled from the submissions of volunteers.
Firewall logs are collected by the site and compiled into a number of
reports. The site is sponsored by the SANS Institute as part of the
Consensus Intrusion Database."


  • Linux
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