December 19, 2014

BBC: Why Do We Share?

 Why do we share? What makes it different from giving? And what does it have to do with strategy and impulse control? Mike Williams from the BBC talks to the scientist Nikolaus Steinbeis who found out which region of the brain is active when we share and why small children have problems with that. He visits the Redfield Community in the north of London, where over 20 people share a household and he discusses with a young 'couchsurfer' and a software specialist from the Linux foundation about the pros and cons of sharing.

âSharing is essential to be competitive these days. We're no longer in a world where any single person can do all of the work individually and somehow out innovate the collective," says Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin in the interview.

Listen to the full podcast at the BBC's The Why Factor.

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