February 1, 2006

beagle-0.2.1: Both GNOME and KDE Friendly

Guest writes "beagle-0.2.1 was released a few days back. The release-notes mention it as a bugfix release. Hidden in that notes was a fascinating improvement, namely, to build beagle without gnome libraries. This is a radical improvement over previous versions, which required gnome, gconf and glade to build beagle. (One of the mailing list posts reveal that building beagle without gnome doesnt build the default GUI beagle-search and some other tools). Beagle exposes C and Python API which other clients can use to access beagle service. Both GNOME and KDE users now can install beagle without the default GUI but use other interesting clients. That way, beagle acts more as desktop information service.
A quick search revealed at least two independent applications using beagle, deskbar applet, which is a GNOME desktop launch box for various kinds of data and yaBi, which is a kde beagle search GUI.
Recently beagle was also integrated into nautilus. Maybe someone will write a beagle integration in konqueror. With beagle becoming easier to build and use, I think it will start using beagle for managing personal data, which includes some of the common GNOME and KDE data sources."

Link: Gnome.org

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