January 16, 2004

Beagle-2 Linux developer interviewed

Anonymous Reader writes "This brief interview with Beagle-2 mission control software Principal Developer Stewart Hall sheds light on the emerging role of Linux in European space missions, including the recent Beagle-2 mission. Hall is principal developer of the Linux-based Mission Control Software and Mission Planning Software used in the Beagle-2 Mars lander project. He works for British IT technology firm SciSys, which develops a range of space craft control software and is "a serious advocate of Linux," according to Hall. The Beagle-2 is a Mars lander that was scheduled to land on Mars on December 25, 2003. So far, no contact has been made with the lander, however, another attempt will be made (using a different communications mode) on January 22."

Link: linuxdevices.com


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