Becoming a Senior Developer: 9 Experiences You’ll Encounter


Many programming career guidelines stress the skills a software developer is expected to acquire. Such general advice suggests that someone who wants to focus on a technical track—as opposed to, say, taking a management path to CIO—should go after the skills needed to mentor junior developers, design future application features, build out release engineering systems, and set company standards.

That isn’t this article.

Being a developer—a good one—isn’t just about writing code. To be successful, you do a lot of planning, you deal with catastrophes, and you prevent catastrophes. Not to mention you spend plenty of time working with other humans about what your code should do.

Following are a number of markers you’ll likely encounter as your career progresses and you become a more accomplished developer. You’ll have highs that boost you up and remind you how awesome you are. You’ll also encounter lows that keep you humble and give you wisdom—at least in retrospect, if you respond to them appropriately.

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