April 13, 2005

Behind the LinuxForce acquisition of Web-hoster Cyber Loft

Author: Chris Preimesberger

You might have seen a little news item in the last couple of weeks about Philadelphia-based LinuxForce, a provider of Debian GNU Linux outsourced systems administration services, seemingly shifting into acquisition mode by agreeing to purchase the assets of Cyber Loft, Inc., a
Chris Preimesberger

Web hosting and application development provider formerly based in Irvine, Calif.

This is news because not many Debian product and service companies buy other companies, simple as that. Could this be the beginning of a trend -- small open source companies earning enough success to begin expanding by swallowing other companies? Sort of like, um, the way certain large proprietary software companies act just about every day?

We wanted to find out firsthand, so we put in a call to C.J. Fearnley, president and CEO of LinuxForce, to find out a little more about how this all worked.

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