Behind Samsung’s Push to Rule the World


Details matter. A lot. As Sujin Park, a senior member of Samsung’s design strategy team, put it to me, “Localizing is our strategy.”

It’s a strategy that, over the past few years, has helped Samsung soar to the top of the smartphone world. Unlike its fierce Cupertino, Calif., rival, Samsung wants to be everything for everyone. A bigger screen? You can get it from Samsung. A stylus? Sure. Want a flip phone? No problem.

This is the Samsung Way: Do it all, and do it fast. Really fast, even if you’re following the market Apple created and sometimes, as a jury determined, stealing its ideas. In the year it takes Apple to release a new iPhone, Samsung typically unveils three or four “flagship” products, adding up to several dozens in all. That speed, coupled with its fierce commitment to quality and marketing heft, has lifted this sprawling South Korean empire from niche player status in just half a decade.

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