December 10, 2012

On Being Childish; An Apology

On Friday I wrote an article responding to a post by Richard Stallman. Over the weekend both posts caused quite a flurry of discussion; thank-you to everyone who contributed constructive feedback.

In my post I referred to Richard’s position as seeming a bit ‘childish‘ to me.

As with every post that I write, I reflect carefully over the words I write before and after I press the publish button. In all of our writing our words affect the thoughts and feelings of others, and I think this resonates even more-so in the Free Software and Open Source world where we all put so much passion and time into what we do as volunteers as well as for those lucky enough to do this as a career too.

Unfortunately, sometimes I end up saying some things I wish I hadn’t, as...Read more at jonobacon@home

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