Bergeron: Introducing the New Fedora Project Leader, and Some Parting Thoughts.


In a lengthy message to the fedora-announce mailing list, outgoing Fedora Project Leader (FPL) Robyn Bergeron has described the role of the FPL and why turnover in that position (and other, similar leadership roles) is desirable. She also announced that the new FPL will be Matthew Miller: “Of course, Matthew is no newcomer to the Fedora Project, having been around since the *LITERAL DAWN OF FEDORA TIME* — he was an early contributor to the Fedora Legacy project, and helped to organize early FUDCons in his area of the world, at Boston University. Since joining Red Hat in 2012, he’s been responsible for the Cloud efforts in Fedora, and as the previous wrangler for that team, I was thrilled when he came on board and was willing and able to start driving forward some of the initiatives and wishlist items that team was working on. What started out small has since grown into a vision for the future, and I’m confident in Matthew’s ability to lead the Fedora Project forward into its next 10 years of innovative thinking.

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