The Best Ways to test your Serverless Applications


Serverless is more than a cloud computing execution model. It changes the way we plan, build, and deploy apps. But it also changes the way we test our apps.

Meet Alex. Alex is an ordinary JavaScript developer, focused on Node.js lately.

At some point, Alex and his team got a new project. After some analysis, Alex thought that it would be the perfect fit for serverless. He presented the idea to his team. Some of the team members were excited, one of them didn’t like it, but most of them didn’t have a strong opinion. So, they decided to give it a try — the project wasn’t too big, and the risk was low.

The team read about serverless, and they got an idea how to structure their new app. But no one was sure how they should fit serverless into their common development process. They decided to start step by step, and then solve the problems as they encountered them.

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