April 14, 2007

biew-5.6.4 has been released

Nick Kurshev writes "BIEW- is multiplatform portable viewer of binary files with built-in editor in binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes. It uses native Intel syntax for disassemble. Highlight AVR/Java/Athlon64/Pentium 4/K7-Athlon disassembler, russian codepages convertor, full preview of formats - MZ, NE, PE, NLM, coff32, elf partial - a.out, LE, LX, PharLap; code navigator and more over.

This is release has goal to fix loopback in biew during file format detection.
Also it has some other changes:
* Fixed bug #1695783 (biew 5.6.3 - Bug in file detection due mp3.c)
* Improved multimedia format support
+ Added initial support for Sis and SisX formats of Symbian OS
* Fixed bug #1696442 (-extraincdir and -extralibdir can only handle one extra lib.)
* Added endian selection in hexmode viewer"

Link: Sourceforge


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