January 3, 2007

Big Blue Goes Gold at SCALE 5x

Anonymous Reader writes "IBM has announced plans to exhibit as a Gold level sponsor at the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo. The Southern California Linux Expo, will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel on February 9-11, 2007. This will be IBM's fifth year the participating in the conference.

IBM will be be showcasing their IBM Blue Gene supercomputer, the number one system in the world. Additionally, attendees will be able to see and learn about IBM Blade Centers, Linux on Power pSeries platform, and the most recent addition to IBM's line up the Cell processors, and System Z mainframes.

IBM and Linux can help your business expand beyond the limitations of proprietary vendor software and hardware and offer the enterprise computing qualities of UNIX with cost-effective hardware choices, from x86 servers to 64-bit computing and supercomputers. There are now more than 12,000 IBM Linux customer engagements worldwide, allowing customers to reduce their computing costs with solutions ranging from webserving, ERP to the world's largest supercomputers. IBM has the largest and most complete portfolio of Linux hardware, middleware and services solutions. In addition, more than 600 developers in the Linux Technology Center have been working as peers directly and successfully in various open source communities since 1999. They are proud of their many contributions that have helped accelerate Linux acceptance worldwide.

In addition to their expo floor demonstrations, an IBM representative will be participating in the conference call for papers. Vara Prasad, a Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Architect at IBM's Linux Technology Center, will present on the topic of performance analysis in Linux. The existing tools in the Linux operating system have either narrow focus
or significant performance overhead in production environments. The session will focus on SystemTap, a new dynamic performance analysis tool that is available in Linux distributions that can be used to analyze systemic problems all the way from applications to the operating system.

About the Southern California Linux Expo:

??The Southern California Linux Expo is the premier grass roots Linux and Open Source Software conference in the United States. SCALE 5x their 5th annual event will be held on February 9-11, 2007 at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel. SCALE includes seminars by well-known speakers, tutorials for beginners, and an exhibit hall with both vendor booths and non-commercial booths.

??Those wishing to attend this year's conference can register via the SCACLE website at http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/order/ . For a free exhibit hall pass use the promotional code "free" or for a discounted full access conference use the promotional code "IBM07"

The Southern California Linux Expo, is a non-profit organization currently comprised, but not limited to, members of the USCLUG, UCLALUG, and SCLUG. For more information see http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/


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