Big Data’s Creating Big Job Demand


Programming and development abilities top many employers’ most-sought-after-skills lists, as big data and mobile-platform development jack up demand to new levels.

Wall Street firms, for example, are searching hard for programmers with a side of database skills, according to employment recruiter eFinancialCareers, which specializes in financial gigs. When the site posted its top 10 skill searches for the summer of 2012, programming languages and databases were at the top “by a wide margin,” a company statement reported.

It’s also evident what’s driving a large part of this aggressive searching: big data. That’s because C and Java programming skills were the top specific skills sought for data applications that need C’s speed of execution and data engines like Hadoop that are all about the Java.

The next most-sought skill? SQL, the database query language that’s still very pervasive in relational databases and even in some of the non-relational databases that are such hot properties in big-data land these days.

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