October 6, 2003

BIND, Postfix and Apache classes to be taught in Seattle

H writes
"Puget Sound Technology, a provider of open source consulting services,
is teaching hands-on BIND DNS, Postfix mail, and Apache web server
administration classes, Nov. 5 - 7, in Seattle, Wash.

Each full-day class is designed to provide the system administrator
or IT professional with the skills necessary to install and maintain
the server software. The three separate classes will include
installation, standard and commonly-used configurations, troubleshooting
skills, and general maintenance of the respective server.

The BIND for DNS class will teach the basics of configuring the
BIND named software for providing domain name services, DNS concepts,
common types of resource records, domain name registration, root
zones, DNS zones, setting up secondary DNS servers, in-addr.arpa
reverse lookups, and DNS troubleshooting techniques.

The Postfix mail server administration class covers the basics of
SMTP and email routing, DNS MX records, popular Mail Transfer Agents (MTA)
comparisons, troubleshooting SMTP, delivery and retrieval methods,
mailbox formats, anti-relaying, anti-virus and anti-spam techniques,
and virtual hosting.

And the Apache class will cover beginning Apache HTTPD administration,
including installation from source and packages, configuring the
httpd.conf configuration file, common run-time configuration
directives, starting the daemon, analyzing traffic logs, CGI setup,
SSL, and techniques for setting up virtual hosting and password-protected

To register and for details about the three classes, visit
http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com/training/bind- postfix-apache/.
Students can register for multiple classes for discount pricing.

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology provides technical support, outsourcing
solutions, server maintenance contracts, and training services for
Linux, BSD and open source Unix environments.
Other upcoming classes include NetBSD System Administration,
Open Source Office/Desktop training, and Introduction to MySQL.
For more information about the Washington-state company, visit

Link: pugetsoundtechnology

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