March 29, 2004

BitDefender for Unices BD/UX - the Next Generation

Mircea MITU writes "The next generation of BitDefender products for Unices seems set to take the xSP market by storm-and for good reason.

BitDefender for Unices (codename BD/UX) research has been proceeding under a charter to create AntiVirus/AntiSpam solutions that are ideally suited to high-throughput, workload-intensive environments. The resulting applications suite is geared towards providing solutions for the growing number of xSP companies.

(The term xSP includes such varied companies as Internet Service Providers, Managed Services Providers, Managed Security Services Providers and Applications Services Providers into one, neat and easy-to-pronounce tag.)

BitDefender for Unices (BD/UX) 2.0 is the result of 1.5 years in AV/AS research by BitDefender Labs (R&D division). The platform has entered development phase and is scheduled for release Autumn 2004.

To ensure that BitDefender for Unices offers adequate functionality and reliability to such customers, research and development efforts are gearred to provide support for intensive use environments and reducing solution downtime towards 0.

BitDefender for Unices 2.0 Platform is designed to be highly configurable and manageable, to provide total control from a centralized location, while maintaining independence from any given platform.

The architecture of BitDefender for Unices 2.0 is decentralized, so there is no single point of failure. No action, function or control will become unusable if a single component of the solution fails.

The solution is organized into a variety of task-specific components: like the AntiVirus scanner, the AntiSpam filter, the settings management interface, the group management tool and the update module.

All the individual component modules of BitDefender for Unices contain redundant functions. What that means is that modules can supplant each other in case of component failure or system malfunction.

To determine whether any such action is necessary and whether the solution is functioning correctly, components use inbuilt sensors to periodically check each other. Also, there is a dedicated supervisor module, tasked with overseeing the overseers.

While minimizing downtime means that some redundancy has to be built into BitDefender for Unices, the designers have mostly succeeded in avoiding the associated overhead. Initial testing shows that the performance of the solution is not affected by the extra fail safes added.

Part of the features will be introduced along with updates to current product versions.

Some of the features that will see the light of day before BitDefender for Unices 2.0 is launched include:

  • Update pushing, the ultimate way to reduce reaction times when updating AV or AS solutions on the eve of grave epidemics: the update command is sent from a BitDefender server and BitDefender products start downloading the update immediately - no admin intervention is required. BitDefender has been the first to release for several times the first virus detection signature and now it can push virus definitions to BitDefender customers, providing real-time protection in case of major virus outbreaks.
  • Spam reports/statistics, to facilitate administrative decisions.
  • Transition tools to minimize additional adoption costs, like support for 3rd-party spammers database imports.

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