Bitnami Comes Up from Below Decks – Kubeless


So Bitnami isn’t the kind of company you usually find sunning it on a deckchair. It’s more of an engine room kind of firm. It takes care of a lot of boring plumbing in creating and deploying open source software packages, underpinning image management for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Launchpad, and VMware, covering over 140 open source packages including Jenkins, SugarCRM and WordPress.

I caught up with COO Erica Brescia and VP of Engineering Rick Spencer at Microsoft Build this week. When Microsoft points to its Linux images on Microsoft Azure, that’s Bitnami. The startup is is now broadening its portfolio, including work on a GUI based Enterprise Edition. It will be interesting to see how that works out – managing builds for platforms such as Jenkins can be a major enterprise pain point – and Bitnami is aiming to make the final mile of Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration less painful with a continuous approach to Package management.

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