June 8, 2006

BitRock Releases MonoStack

Erica Brescia writes "BitRock Releases MonoStack.
BitRock MonoStack includes Apache, mod_mono and XSP and plugs in to existing Mono installations to allow users to quickly deploy ASP.NET on Linux. The stack is now available for download at www.bitrock.com.

June 5, 2006. BitRock Incorporated announced today the release of BitRock MonoStack. The easy to install distribution contains Apache, mod_mono and XSP, and hooks up to existing Mono installations to allow new users to quickly be up and running with a complete .NET environment on Linux.

“MonoStack serves as a complement to the existing Mono installer, by providing the additional software necessary to run ASP.NET on Linux. By downloading and installing the Mono Runtime from the Mono project website and MonoStack from BitRock, users can have a complete Mono development environment in minutes,” said Erica Brescia, VP of Business Development for BitRock. MonoStack is freely available for download and use under the terms of the Apache License 2.0 from www.bitrock.com. It can be used by both commercial and open source projects for rapid, consistent deployments in both development and production environments.

In addition to MonoStack, BitRock offers two versions of LAMPStack, which contain Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, and several supporting libraries. Fully-integrated and packaged with BitRock InstallBuilder, all of the BitRock Stacks ensure ease of download and installation for the end-user. The Stacks help to encourage adoption of open source software by making it easier to use and deploy across a range of environments.

BitRock Stacks highlight the company’s expertise in integrating and packaging software for easy installation and configuration. In addition to its standard Stacks, BitRock specializes in building and packaging customized distributions of open source tools and libraries. Its Custom Stacks provide a cost-effective way for ISVs and internal IT departments to ship a complete, integrated package that includes their software and the third party components that it depends on. The resulting installers present a streamlined installation process that reduces both support calls and end-user frustration, helping companies to speed product adoption.

About BitRock

Founded in 2003, BitRock is a privately held software company with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, USA. Drawing from the professional experience of its employees, which spans Silicon Valley, Europe and Southeast Asia, BitRock develops multiplatform installation and management tools. BitRock clients range from large corporations and governments to independent software vendors and educational institutions. Please visit www.bitrock.com for additional information/>

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