January 17, 2005

Bitten by the aKregator / KDE: From the Source

Steve writes "With KDE 3.4 beta just announced a few days ago spokesman George Staikos has written about the new RSS/RDF/Atom Aggregator included in the new relase, aKregator, in his column KDE: From the Source. "In contrast to a news ticker style of RSS application, you don't need to constantly look at aKregator to see if there is new news. I have found that with news tickers such as the applet in KDE, I was constantly staring at the news feeds as they scrolled by and re-reading the same headlines over and over. With aKregator, I find I never look at old news as headlines that are read are conveniently grayed out and pushed down the list." This is a much better way to track news in KDE than the somewhat outdated news ticker."

Link: OSDir.com

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