December 13, 2005

BitTorrent and MPAA team up?

Anonymous Reader writes "It appears that the creator/CEO of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen, has teamed up with the MPAA to aid in eliminating the sharing of pirated films. Mr. Cohen states that he never intended his creation to become what it has, a Mecca of pirated file sharing. Will this new partnership kill BitTorrent just as quickly as illegal file trading made it popular? Will this new attempt at dictating what people can and can not do on their own systems make even the slightest dent in the overall piracy problem facing the industry today? With such things as IRC and peer-to-peer applications still going strong, is it nieve to think that direct attention to torrent techology is the right direction to head in.

With IRC search sites such as and others that make searching irc for any file you could want as easy as a few clicks, I have to say that even if all torrent sites were to be shut down there is little that can be done to IRC and the search sites that automate the process. IRC gives the added headache of being "not susceptible to US law" to organizations such as the MPAA and the RIAA. It seems to me that if they are ever successful in completely killing torrent sites, the determined users will always fall back to methods such as peer-to-peer and IRC to get what they are looking for. It also seems to me that if said organizations took the approach of discretion, they may have better results. All the press coverage they are creating is not only not helping them, it is hurting them by introducing users who may have never heard of such things to the method in which to obtain such material."


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