Governmental Free Software Preferences Are Legal in Italy

The Italian constitutional court has ruled that the Piedmont region can legally maintain a preference for free software in its purchasing decisions. According to the court, this preference is for a caratteristica (characteristic) of the software, rather than for a specific product or techno...
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Google Rivaled by Open Source in Angel Investing?

The search giant grabs the headlines for its active angel network, but even a small industry like open source may be re-investing more actively than Google alumni.
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Novell Rejects Elliot Takeover Bid as 'Inadequate'

But Novell says its committed to enhancing value for stockholders and will explore alternatives including a stock repurchase, joint ventures, and a sale.
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North Korea's 'Red Star' Linux, and Is FOSS an Enemy of the State?

If a totalitarian regime uses Linux, does that mean Linux is an enemy of the state? That's the mind-be...
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Tim Bray Becomes Google Developer Advocate

XML co-inventor plans to compete with Apple's "sterile Disney-fied walled garden" through promoting Android's vendor-less freedoms...
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