Black Duck Lays 2017 Open Source Security Predictions


The software industry accepted that it could still provide commercially supported services to open source software (and therefore monetize it) and so the golden age of open source arrived somewhere around the start of the new millennium. So was it all happily ever after at that point? Ah hem, well no, not quite.

Three of today’s top five most popular database management systems are open source: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB… but there is still an open source security education process that we need to go through. This is the opinion of Mike Pittenger in his role as VP of security strategy at Black Duck, an open source security management specialist.

Pittenger says that yes, 2017 will be the year of the open source unicorn. But despite this, the number of cyber attacks based on known open source vulnerabilities could increase by as much as 20% in real terms.

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