July 18, 2001

Blame it all on the dot-com-types

Author: JT Smith

BangkokPost: "Protests against Microsoft's new "product activation"-where
you have to call Microsoft and prove you are not a pirate before
you can use the software you bought, continued to grow and
Microsoft put out a FAQ on the subject; it explains that piracy
costs consumers money, but also explained that Microsoft
doesn't have any intention of cutting prices or returning any of
that money if it wipes out piracy, it will invest more in producing
great products like, oh, Smart Tags; take a look at the FAQ
online at (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/newsroom/
piracy/productactivationfaq.asp)Everyone else was doing it, so
chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices issued a warning that its
sales and earnings were plummeting to a fraction of previous
forecasts, hurt by pricing pressure in the personal
computer-chip and flash memory markets."
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