December 23, 2005

Blender 2.40 Released

Author: Austin Benesh

Austin Benesh writes "The Blender Foundation ( just released its latest major release of Blender, 2.40. This is the most monumental release of the open-source, cross-platform computer graphics suite since 2.30 was released nearly two years ago. Beyond its astonishing new features, the latest Blender has some great benefits. For instance, the Blender community is larger than ever, with custom builds for every platform available at With two major forums available, anybody seeking help with using or developing Blender can ask a question and get a quick and intuitive response. Also, a new online guide that is continuously being updated with tutorials on how to use the latest features has been added to Everything from an advanced fluid solver to intuitive character animation tools, Blender 2.40 has it all. At an incredibly small size (approximately 6.0 megabytes) and no-cost, Blender is a viable solution for anybody seeking a professional 3D graphics creation suite."
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