August 22, 2001

Blue Linux announces development of educational version

Author: JT Smith

Matt Jezorek writes, "Next-generation version of Blue Linux is being geared toward
the education system. Stuffed with Point and Click educational
programing based for ages 5+

Blue Linux Announced today that they will be working toward
a Blue Linux Educational version that will be based on reaching
out to the Educational Community. Blue Linux Founder Matt Jezorek
says, "We hope that we can help cut the cost of running the school
systems and keeping up with licensing so that learning can once
again become the major part of todays schools".

With many school systems running over budget and a shortage of teachers,
The Blue Linux Group thinks they can provide a great alternative to
the systems that are currently running in school systems now. Blue Linux
EDU will be packed with various educational games and other programs that
will easily be identified to by the children in the elementry schools.

With the cost of lisensing lower school systems can spend more on
the teachers they need in order to keep the Teacher Student ratio
at an acceptable rate.

For more information Contact:
Matt Jezorek

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