December 12, 2001

Blue Linux moves focus onto Linux in Education

Author: JT Smith

Blue Linux a Linux Distribution announced today that it
has shifted focus from the security sense to the Education sense. Based on
customer response to the BlueEDU announcement and the lack of response to
the secure server system we have decided to shift fully to the Educational
Operating system.

Blue Linux felt that there was too much replication in the current Open
Source work and Blue Linux was only replicating the work of other systems.
Currently there are many other secure Linux distributions on the market but
yet Linux seems to be lacking a full Educational distribution. Other secure
Linux distributions include:

a.. Astaro Security
b.. Castle
c.. Engarde
d.. NSA Secure Linux

There are many others included in this category.

Blue Linux will fork out the Blue Security Daemon (automatic patching
utility) into an open source project in the near future so that it can be
used across any distribution or user that chooses to use this application.

BlueEDU is a project to bring a Linux Operating system to schools. Our
initial Focus will be on producing something for the children to play
educational games on, run educational software, word process, and to learn
the GUI interface of a computer in general. BlueEDU will also include
facilities to made to make the process of changing from other Operating
Systems to Linux easier

For more information visit , Members of the press or
anyone who would like more information regarding this project are encouraged
to contact:

Matt Jezorek
Blue Linux
Lead Developer / Project Admin / Founder

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