January 20, 2001

Bluefish HTML Editor review

Author: JT Smith

John Gowin writes, "As long as I have been using Linux, I haven't been able to find many HTML editors. In fact most of the hardcore Linux users that I know open up vi or emacs and start writing their code. For myself, memorizing HTML tags and writing them totally by hand is a little bit too intense. On the other hand, I've used some 'WYSIWYG' editors that have lots of bells and whistles and work great, but they also like to code their way, which isn't always the way I want. That was the quandary I found myself in, until I stumbled upon Bluefish.
Bluefish is a remarkable HTML editor for GNU/Linux that allows pages to be created quickly and easily, and always gives the user access to the code directly. It requires GTK 1.2.x and the lmlib library. The latest release of Bluefish is version 0.6 and includes some great features."
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