January 6, 2007

Bluewhite64 11.0 Live CD

TheSame writes "A 64-bit Slackware-based live CD, Bluewhite64 Linux 11.0, has been released: Bluewhite64 11.0 Live CD runs entirely from CD and includes almost all packages from Bluewhite64 11.0, including updated packages from the patches directory. The Live CD was created using Linux Live 5.5.0 scripts and uses the Unification File System. You will not see any differences between running this live CD and installing Bluewhite64 11.0 Linux on your hard drive. You can run the same software from the Live CD, for your server or workstation, in just a few seconds. Bluewhite64 11.0 Live CD main features are: Linux SMP-ready kernel, GCC 3.4.6 with NPTL support, X.org 6.9, KDE 3.5.4, Firefox"
Here is the full release announcement: http://bluewhite64.com/page.php?25

http://mirror.inode.at/data/bluewhite64/bluewhite6 4-11.0-LiveCD-iso/bluewhite64-11.0-LiveCD.iso
md5sum: 0ec9e4ca40555e656e1c23d3c2b16a41

ftp://mirror.inode.at/bluewhite64/bluewhite64-11.0 -LiveCD-iso/bluewhite64-11.0-LiveCD.iso
md5sum: 0ec9e4ca40555e656e1c23d3c2b16a41


Link: Bluewhite64

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