August 21, 2006

Bluewhite64 11.0-rc2 released!

Anonymous Reader writes "Announcing the second release candidate of Bluewhite64 Linux 11.0.

What is Bluewhite64 Linux?
Bluewhite64 Linux is a pure 64-bit UNOFFICIAL port of Slackware Linux to the AMD64/EM64T architectures. It runs on 64-bit AMD Athlon, Opteron, Sempron and Intel EM64T (Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology) based servers and computers. The goal of this port is to mimic the user experience of the Intel x86 distribution at it's best. This port includes the same software, configuration scripts found in slackware-current tree.

After one month, following the Slackware Linux base line, day to day development and maintenance, the second release candidate of Bluewhite64 Linux version 11.0 is ready. Many changes and improvements are made in order to get maximum performance, security, stability and reliability.

Bluewhite64 11.0-rc2 is shipping with two Linux kernels at boot:
- the latest Linux Kernel version (generic.i) and Linux Kernel version (test26.s) for testing. All kernels are built with GCC 3.4.6 along the GNU C library version 2.3.6 with NPTL support.
New udev 0.97 is ready to detect and load your device drivers at boot, Apache 1.3.37 with Php 4.4.4 and Mysql 5.0.24 are built to easily set up a LAMP server. Also you will find a modularized Xorg version 6.9.0 along with two of the most advanced desktop environments available today: Xfce, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing and easy to use desktop environment, and KDE 3.5.4, the latest version of the award-winning K Desktop Environment.

Many more improved and upgraded packages than we can list here. For a complete list of changes since the first release candidate, please consult the Change Log:

Downloading Bluewhite64 11.0-rc2 iso`s:
Bluewhite64 Linux 11.0-rc2 install CD`s and DVD ISO are available for download from the primary mirror located in Austria:

CD`s md5sum
531c26ccf533db57fe01022a38313b6e bluewhite64-11.0-rc2-install-d1.iso
d589cf3528113bb473086d1fda0994b8 bluewhite64-11.0-rc2-install-d2.iso

DVD md5sum
4496eac9e314e7fc270ed1cce72a43d6 bluewhite64-11.0-rc2-install-dvd.iso

After you have downloaded the install ISO, please make sure that you have the correct md5sum`s. Any other md5sum is wrong."


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