June 11, 2006

Bluewhite64 Linux is an unofficial port of Slackwa

Author: arny

arny writes "Bluewhite64 Linux is an unofficial port of Slackware Linux to the AMD64 architecture. This means that it runs on AMD64 based servers and computers. The goal of this port is to mimic the user experience of the Intel x86 distribution at it's best.


New Bluewhite64-current v20060609 is available for testing purposes only!

With this release you will find 4 new kernels based on the latest stable version
bare.i - The standard, generic IDE/ATAPI kernel.
sata.s - Support for SATA disks.
scsi.s - Various SCSI controllers.
raid.s - Kernel raid support.
Next week, I will add one more kernel for workstations.

In order to download Bluewhite64-current v2006060 iso, please see GetBluewhite64 page.

On the other news, you will find newly added AP, F, N and Y software series from Slackware current. Basically, you can run an unofficial 64bit Slackware Linux server with this release.

Like the other release, this is still using GCC 3.4.6 and Glibc 2.3.6 with NPTL support. For a complete list of changes since Bluewhite64-current v20060601 check out the Bluewhite64-current v20060609 Changelog

I made some tests with this version and successfully set up a LAMP server, chatted on irc.freenode.net using BitchX :) . I leave you to discover the other applications and test them.

Don`t forget to send email with success or failures, bugreports, comments and suggestion to arny[at]arny.ro .

If you have problems installing and using Bluewhite64 Linux you can post problems on the Bluewhite64 Linux forum."

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