January 30, 2002

BMC Software extends enterprise management offerings to include Linux deployment

Author: JT Smith

BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE: BMC], a leading
provider of enterprise management, today announced the expansion of its
Linux management initiative with new offerings that enable customers to
manage the entire Linux lifecycle. With today's announcement, BMC Software
will now provide Linux customers with solutions to address their
performance management and planning, provisioning and configuration
management, infrastructure management and service management needs for
Linux. Furthermore, customers now have the ability to manage Linux
application components on Intel and IBM eServer zSeries platforms from a
single console.

This complete platform support provides Linux users with
optimal performance and availability of their environment while enabling
customers to migrate to Linux with minimal business impact, resulting in a
faster return on their investment.

"Companies are looking to drive IT infrastructure costs down and increase
the productivity of their environments. Linux is a cost-effective
environment and when paired with BMC Software's enterprise management
solutions, it can be managed effectively in complex IT environments," said
Calvin Guidry, vice president and general manager, responsible for Linux
Initiatives, BMC Software. "Through BMC Software's Linux solutions,
customers can now manage the entire Linux lifecycle, enabling a quicker ROI
on their environment while being assured their performance and availability
requirements for mission-critical applications are met."

Performance Management and Planning Support
Included in today's announcement is the extension of BMC Software's
Performance Assurance® solutions to assist customers with understanding the
system resource requirements for their Linux deployments. The products
that support the performance management and planning phase include PATROL®
Perform and PATROL Predict. These products enable a customer to reliably
invest in the right computer resources at the right time, proactively
managing performance. In addition, PATROL Performance Assurance allows
users to effectively consolidate Web servers to optimize current assets and
quickly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Provisioning and Configuration Management Support
Building on its recent joint development initiative with Aduva, BMC
Software today introduced Deployment Manager for Linux. This management
solution allows BMC Software to leverage Aduva's leading technology to
extend its provisioning and configuration management offerings for Linux on
the zSeries platform. Deployment Manager for Linux facilitates transparent
remote deployment and management of thousands of dissimilar Linux systems
from a central location. Through the automation of many administrative
tasks relating to the deployment and provisioning of Linux servers,
Deployment Manager for Linux is able to reduce the cost of managing Linux
images, even in high-density environments.

Infrastructure Management Support
BMC Software's Linux Server Management solution combines PATROL and
MAINVIEW® management solutions in order to provide customers the ability to
manage their Linux servers from the perspective of their operations staff ?
distributed- or mainframe-based. Linux Server Management automatically
monitors and manages the Linux operating system and related resources,
saving time, reducing costs and maximizing performance. This simplifies
the management process by allowing IT administrators to monitor Linux
servers from a single console, delivering identification and problem
correction before they impact the business ? ultimately adding value to the
company's bottom-line. Through a holistic view provided by MAINVIEW,
administrators see an aggregate view of how all Linux systems are running,
and then can drill-down to a specific Linux system for detailed analysis.
This enables BMC Software customers to proactively plan for potential
system outages, giving users complete control of the enterprise server.
The MAINVIEW component of Linux Server Management is available now and the
PATROL component will be available for zSeries in March.

In addition, BMC Software also announced that its Business Integrated
Scheduling solution, CONTROL-M®, is now available for Linux on zSeries.
CONTROL-M for Linux for zSeries provides the advanced infrastructure and
technologies required to successfully meet critical business requirements.
CONTROL-M integrates the batch processes running on Linux as well as on
diverse systems into a unified, manageable business process, thus ensuring
smooth operations for the end-user. Moreover, the CONTROL-M solution
offers a focal point of management for the entire business flow including
Linux. This comprehensive solution allows customers that run
business-critical applications on Linux to exploit CONTROL-M's strengths,
including extensive and sophisticated scheduling capabilities, a unified
business process view, and automatic failover.

Service Management Support
As any executive or IT administrator knows, down systems result in lost
customers and lost revenue. Through BMC Software's Linux service
management solutions, customers can manage their architecture from an
application perspective, provide an end-to-end perspective of the
environment and consolidate management information to a central console.
These solutions offer customers the ability to keep ecommerce applications
up and operating seamlessly with minimal downtime.

BMC Software service management support solutions for zSeries Linux
introduced today and scheduled to be available the first half of 2002


PATROL Internet Server Manager offers a comprehensive management
solution for Web servers and other Internet servers such as DNS, FTP, and
SMTP, by assuring service availability, monitoring server performance, and
validating content.
PATROL for WebSphere Application Server monitors the health and
availability of production Web applications that are deployed on the
WebSphere Application Server infrastructure.
PATROL for BEA WebLogic monitors server-side operations, performance
and availability of production Web applications for optimal performance and
provides developers with the ability to monitor the state of services as
they build, test and deploy new WLS business components.

What Others Are Saying
"BMC Software's breadth of management solutions exemplifies their
commitment to the Linux operating system and supports IBM's Linux
strategy," said Joann Duguid, Director of Linux zSeries Marketing, IBM.
"Our collaboration with BMC Software will result in providing customers
management capabilities on Linux for zSeries which will enhance their Linux
e-infrastructure and help them achieve a rapid ROI."

"BMC Software's move to provide enhanced management functionality for Linux
in both distributed and mainframe environments convincingly demonstrates
their market vision and commitment to customer success," said Richard L.
Ptak, analyst, Hurwitz Group, Inc.

Pricing and Availability

For pricing and availability, please contact BMC Software's sales
department at 1-800-793-4262.

About BMC Software
BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE: BMC], is the leading provider of enterprise
management solutions. Through its Assuring Business Availability® approach,
BMC Software delivers control over infrastructure management costs, control
of market advantage and differentiation via service management, and growth
of business value with solutions for business optimization. BMC Software is
a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2001 revenues exceeding $1.5
billion and offices worldwide. For more information, please visit the BMC
Software Web site at http//www.bmc.com.

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