February 7, 2007

Bodelin ProScope HR with Linux driver

Peter White writes "Bodelin ProScope HR on LINUX -- February 6th, 2007 Seattle, Washington. Bodelin Technologies, makers of the ProScope HR hand held USB digital microscope, announces the posting of a Linux-UVC driver for the ProScope HR on their site: http://www.proscopehr.com/

The ProScope HR is the second generation of the popular ProScope hand held USB microscope used in thousands of schools, universities, industrial quality control and law enforcement crime labs. The ProScope HR is also used in many popular TV crime dramas like CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York.

Software writer and Linux expert Laurent Pinchart of Belgium wrote the Linux-UVC driver for the ProScope HR. The ProScope HR has always been a favorite of the top guns of technology so having a Linux driver was a natural progression.

Mr. Pinchart can be emailed at laurent.pinchart@skynet.be but recommends
subscribing to the mailing list at the download site for any help regarding driver

About Bodelin Technologies:
Bodelin Technologies is an Oregon based manufacturer of the ProScope HR hand held USB microscope http://www.proscopehr.com/ the award winning ProPrompter teleprompters http://www.proprompter.com/ and the newly release See Eye 2 Eye webcam teleprompter http://www.bodelin.com/se2e/

For more information and demo units for press review:
Peter White 206-545-2584

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