May 30, 2002

BOEL, Part 2: Kernel configuration and booting writes, "This is Part 2 of an ELJonline technical series about Brian's Own Embedded Linux ("BOEL"), a small embeddable Linux distribution that can boot from disk, CDROM, or the Net. Brian Finley developed BOEL as part of a project to create a tool for distributing live updates to client systems, which required that the client machines be booted in such a manner that their hard disks were not in use so that they would be available for manipulation. Much of the focus is on creating a system as small as possible -- the complete BOEL system must fit on a single 1.44MB floppy. The first article showed how to create an initrd and discussed issues such as libraries, shells, filesystems, and inodes; in this installment, Finley covers the kernel configuration and boot process. Read it here."


  • Linux
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