September 10, 2003

Bomb threat causes evacuation of OracleWorld conference

- by Chris Preimesberger -
SAN FRANCISCO -- Approximately 20,000 attendees at the OracleWorld show at the Moscone Center's North and South wings were evacuated Wednesday afternoon following a bomb threat at the huge underground conference center.

People were generally calm and orderly during the evacuation, a Moscone security officer said. The keynote address on Day 3 of the conference by Oracle senior vice president Ken Jacobs was interrupted.

Police officers cordoned off several streets around the downtown conference center, stopping rush-hour traffic and causing backups for blocks in all directions. A state police helicopter hovered over the area while officers searched the massive structure.

A Seybold Seminar event, held across the street at Moscone West, also was interrupted and its attendees evacuated.

No person or group has yet taken responsibility for the bomb scare.


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