June 19, 2006

Bonita v2.0 released, the J2EE workflow system

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "Bonita is a J2EE workflow system providing out of the box workflow functionalities to define and run business processes such as the XPDL workflow defintion module, the J2EE based workflow engine, the JMS based awareness infrastructure or the interoperability services. Bonita is Open Source and is downloadable under the LGPL License.

  Bonita 2.0 introduces the following new features:
  - XPDL support allowing to import XPDL files within the workflow engine
  - Pagination pattern is now available for getter methods in both UserSession and AdminSession Beans
  - Iterations mechanism has been rewritten from scratch. For more details see: iteration_release_notes.txt
  - Generation of Maven 2 artifacts from build.xml.
  - JDK 1.5 is now supported
  - Migration to JOnAS 4.7.x series
  - Workflow patterns review (from the Van der Aalst study) has been included in the distribution
  - The Approval workflow stand alone sample has been included in the BonitaStandAlone directory
  - Internal timer services were replaced by the EJB 2.x Timer
  - Iteration Unit Test suite has been added to the default test suite
  - Documentation improvement. A new document called bonita_XPDL has been included into the doc directory

  Installation instructions as well as the reviewed documentation are included in this package under the /doc directory.

  As published some days ago, the Bonita v2 series is the reference version for the eXo-Bonita integration: "eXo-Bonita bundles both eXo ECM and Bonita Workflow engine. It provides a JSR 168 user interface to manage tasks, monitor, deploy and undeploy
  processes. Validation of JCR content is also supported".

  The current release candidate of eXo-Bonita has been published on ObjectWeb forge
  at : http://forge.objectweb.org/project/download.php?gr oup_id=151&file_id=6280

  More information at:

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