Book Review: Ajax for Web Application Developers

James Pyles writes “Kris Hadlock’s book hits the ground running and you’d better have the “legs” to keep up. Quite a bit
of information is crammed into the book’s slim 288 pages however don’t expect to start out with elementary
JavaScript. Hadlock wrote this book with the web developer in mind, not the person who thinks they might
want to be one someday. While most books would have a lengthy introductory chapter, Chapter 1, “Introduction
to Ajax” is exactly two pages long. Not much time for a first meeting but perhaps enough for a reunion with
someone you are already acquainted with.

The book starts out with concepts you should already know such as CSS, XML, JavaScript, JSON
(JavaScript Object Notation), and XML DOM (Document Object Model). If you find yourself scratching your
head, wondering what some of those terms mean, you might want to start out with a more elementary text
and work your way up to this one.”