November 20, 2006

Book Review: Designing with Web Standards

James Pyles writes "From the author's first paragraph in Before You Begin: 'This book is for designers,
developers, owners, and managers who want their sites to cost less, work better, and reach more people - not only in today's browsers, screen readers, and wireless devices, but in tomorrow's, next year's, and beyond...'
Notice Zeldman didn't say the book is for people who want to build their first website and need to learn html, css, xml, and javascrpt. Please keep that in mind before considering buying this book.

Reading Zeldman's bio will give the reader the expectation that this book is the book on designing websites to web standards. Considering the glowing reviews on the back cover, written by authors of other web design books, this book certainly seems to be marketed that way. Not being one to be taken in by hype, I looked forward to opening the pages and seeing what was under the hood."


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