December 22, 2006

Book Review: Essential Computer Security

James Pyles writes "Writing a computer security book for the home and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) user is difficult. Those that I've seen either talk
waaaaaaaaaay over the audience's head or patronize them so much that no really useful information is imparted. Tony Bradley's
Essential Computer Security changes all that. There's finally a computer security book on the market that can actually teach home users
how to secure their Windows XP computer.

If you expected the typical computer and network security book for medium to enterprise business infrastructures, move on. That's not what this
book is about. If you are a home user or perhaps run a small office setup (let's say five computers plus peripherals), I highly recommend Essential Computer Security.
Bradley was able to enter the mind of the home user while retaining all the skills of a computer security specialist. The result is a book that provides
its readership with the ability and tools necessary to protect themselves from threats and is easy to understand."


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