April 20, 2006

Book Review: Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux

James Pyles writes "Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux (what a mouthful) at first blush, seems more akin to Gagne's Moving to Linux, Second Edition than Valade's Spring into Linux. Guide's focus seems to be to convince the Windows user to jump ship and join up with Linux based on Windows shortcomings. Chapter 1 starts right in with Windows and Windows viruses and progresses to other problems such as such as issues with Windows XP SP2 and Windows being (relatively) easy to compromise from the Internet. Traditional problems listed are spyware, phishing, popup ads, and the like. Linux is represented as the security "counterpoint" to Windows insecurities. Chapter 1 sets the stage for introducing the Linux newbie to the advantages of making the switch including ease of installation (which can be debated depending on which distro you are talking about), stability, security, privacy, and cost savings. There are sections where the author does introduce some disadvantages to using Linux but they are fairly brief compared to his presentation of the advantages."

Link: linux-tutorial.info

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