May 17, 2004

Book Review: Samba-3 By Example

Crouse writes
John H.Terpstra's "Samba-3 By Example -Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment" attempts to create a "Samba Cookbook" of real-world networking scenarios. As a long-time member of the Samba team, Terpstra saw, from feedback he got about the Samba howto collection, the need for a book that was a little more training/instruction and a bit less topical context. The resulting book does the job very well.

Other than using the familiar section/subsection format used in howtos to outline each chapter, this is not another dry howto: this is a textbook, instruction manual and FAQ all rolled into one. Other than recommending to start with the exercises in the first chapter,( which explains windows network traffic) you can jump to any chapter you want. The author includes references to tasks performed in earlier chapters so you don't have to read the chapters in sequence; you just go to the referenced page(s) to see how a particular step is accomplished.


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