November 17, 2003

BorderWare Releases NameVault

BorderWare Technologies has announced NameVault DNS Appliance 3.0, a secure solution for managing DNS. Based on third generation technology from BlueCat Networks, NameVault empowers IT administrators to become "masters of their own domain." NameVault is a complete dedicated security appliance for easily managing domain name services with a measurable ROI that is 25 times less expensive than Unix or Windows solutions. Annual maintenance expenses run at one-eighth the cost, with typical payback in less than 4 months.

John Alsop, BorderWare's President and CEO said that "while Windows

DNS is easy to implement, it is fraught with security vulnerabilities. Unix or Linux DNS is very powerful but complex and difficult to administer, and outsourcing can be extremely expensive, while leaving this vital service out of the control of the enterprise. NameVault enables IT administrators to truly be the masters of their own domains."

Link: eChannelLine USA


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