August 11, 2001

Borland Creates a RAD tool for the rest of us

Author: JT Smith

JLKreps writes, "A review of Borland's Kylix Open Edition and Enterprise Edition; the former is expected to cause a flood of GPL applications for Linux. By Joe Barr.

"An aside: I purchased the Desktop Edition of Kylix a couple of months ago. It has the usual problems experienced by a 1.0 release. Borland held up completion of Delphi 6.0 till after Kylix reached the market so that their cross platform library, CLX, would be fully compatible with both platforms. CLX is derived from our well known QT widget set. The FreeCLX version is available at SourceForge. The Open Edition of Kylix is identical in RAD power to the Desktop Edition except that a nag screen will appear on apps at execution and Kylix OE can only be used to write GPL code. Use -ns to disable the nag. In my experience, Kylix is a world class GUI-RAD.

"The Borland news servers are flooded with WinXX coders taking advantage of the fact that code, utilizing CLX, written and compiled under Delphi 6 will compile under Kylix with only minor modifications in the compiler directives at the top of the main.pas code snippet. Most of the WinXX coders seem to be using KDE on RH, Mandrake or SuSE. They apparently feel at home in KDE and are, no doubt, making notes about the lack of crashing of both KDE and Linux. And, some of the Borland Team moderators (volunteers) are a little testy after some WinXX vs Linux flamewars. Be nice. Don't waste their time. Some are good in offering Linux help, but all are good with Kylix-Delphi and it is nice that they are volunteering help to the community."

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