May 29, 2001

Borland promotes cross-platform Windows/Linux application development

Author: JT Smith

PR Newswire: "Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq: BORL), a leader in e-business
implementation platforms, today announced a 90-day limited time offer to
purchase the Desktop edition of Borland(R) Kylix(TM), its award-winning
Linux(R) application development product, for US$199. Timed with the launch
of "Kylix-Compatible" Borland(R) Delphi(TM) 6, the promotion is designed to
address the demand for Windows(R)/Linux cross-platform application development
and deployment. The promotion is also expected to rapidly generate a
significant increase in the availability of Linux desktop applications. This
offer expires August 23, 2001, unless extended by Borland in its sole
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