May 22, 2002

Breaking the Ice: IceWM Review

GonzoJohn writes, "In the world of the Linux desktop, there's a wide variety of software to keep you from being bored with one particular program. Perhaps the best example of this is the variety of window managers you can choose from. Should you get bored with a certain window manager or decide you don't like it, there are dozens more to try out. I've gone through a few myself, and IceWM is the one I keep coming back to. In this review, I'll try to show you why I like it and point to reasons why some of you won't.

To start with, IceWM is very easy on system resources. If you've only used KDE or Gnome, then a switch to IceWM on your desktop will seem like a major computer upgrade."

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  • C/C++
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