November 21, 2003

A Brilliant Reaction to Recent Red Hat Changes

Anonymous Reader writes "A Brilliant Reaction to Recent Red Hat Changes is here"

My "Open Letter" to Red Hat and the Linux community regarding recent changes at Red Hat and the problems it will create. In other words: "Why Red Hat Sucks Now".

For some background, I provide the following: I have been a systems consultant and programmer for the last decade. I began my career in the world where DR-DOS, SCO UNIX and Novell ruled and Linux was an unknown entity. In 1996, I was introduced to Linux in the form of the Workgroup Solutions (WGS) Linux Pro. It was a modified Red Hat distribution with Linux kernel 1.0, GNU utilities and little more. I had to buy an X server to work with my hardware. Not much worked well on the system, but I was familiar with UNIX and Linux was more comfortable for me than any Microsoft environment, excepting the ancient Microsoft/SCO Xenix systems I was forced to administer.

The following year I switched from the WGS distribution to Red Hat Linux 4.2. It was better, but not much. A friend then introduced me to FreeBSD. He was using it to run an ISP, which he soon sold to my employer, which is when I took control of day-to-day issues and planning. I found support in my area to be better for Linux and migrated all the systems to Red Hat Linux. It worked great. I began evangelizing Linux and trying to convince everyone I encountered in personal and professional situations that Linux was the future and that it was good enough for daily usage. Some of my clients believed and adopted Linux for handling certain elements of their networks. None have ever regretted it.


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