June 19, 2009

Bring Out Yer Blogs!

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June 19, 2009, 4:54 am

Sascha Manns has put out a call for participation over on Lizards, asking for people to contribute to openSUSE Weekly News by blogging more about openSUSE and the project.

If you have an own Blog, we would like to motivate you, to blog. You can write about interesting Features or Tips and Tricks, or new things, you have learned. You can tell us, what you like at the Project, or what you doesn’t like. You can give Proposals or other Stuff. We need you as Author.

We do!

Not just for openSUSE Weekly News, but for the project in general. Too many people are doing great work, but staying quiet about it.

You don’t need to be a great writer to blog about your work. You don’t need to be long-winded about your work, but please take some time to blog about what you’re doing, and maybe give some pointers on how other contributors could get involved.

Lizards has been a pretty big success since it was launched last year, but we could still do with a lot more activity from openSUSE members!

If you have questions about “how to blog,” ask us on the opensuse-marketing mailing list, or in #opensuse-marketing on Freenode. Or if you’re shy and wondering “is this OK to blog about?” feel free to
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if you want feedback on that.

Take Michael Meeks’ blog. (Not to pick on him, but he has a great no-frills blogging style.) A typical example:

Up early, prodded mail; helped out Matt, Joey with packaging, discovered a chunk of the team were lurking on #opensuse-moblin on the internal IRC server instead of freenode – and confused as to why so few were there. Prodded at bits for GUADEC; ineffectual kiwi fiddling, prodded at trying to reduce osc build times. The compliation of mutter-moblin (on a build server, from clean) takes:
stage duration (secs) jail setup to end SuSEconfig pkg unpack configure make install files / debuginfo lint / checks finishing / cleanup

So – it seems like the clear majority of the time – 2/3rds is spent creating a chroot jail, which is (at root [sic]) just a filesystem image. Untarring that (for me) takes 125 seconds – but presumably with some cunning ‘unionfs’ or ‘fuse’ magic that could be made ‘instant’; roll on btrfs. Of course mutter-moblin is higher up the stack – with 300+ build dependencies, but presumably decreasing wins could be had for pieces lower down the stack too with pre-canned file-systems.

Tony & John around in the evening to talk; interesting.

A couple of bullet points that tell the world what he’s working on. Probably doesn’t take terribly long to maintain, but does give some insight into what he’s working on.

The openSUSE News folks hang out on #opensuse-newsletter on Freenode, and have their discussions on the opensuse-marketing mailing list. If you’d like to make sure your news makes the weekly, drop in and say “hi” and ask to have your post included, or see the FAQ on how you can contribute directly to openSUSE Weekly News.

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